I’m currently in the process of deciding how my ‘worthy tome’ shall be presented to the world. Do I self-publish an ebook? Do I try to get a publishing house to take me on – unpublished authors tend to need pateince and a hard-shell, neither of which I possess. I have been advised that it would make a great audio book, but again, this requires a lot of studio time, plus I’d need to get distributors for it… I certainly don’t intend for the book to be Vanity Press material, so I have a lot of thinking to do – as well as editing!!


2 thoughts on “Ebooks/Audiobooks

  1. Dosvedanya, Natasha, daarlinks.

    Vy not you disclose relationship with Leon T? Publishers will queueing up to exploit you!

    I was too, but now I know you have diverted my Dniepe.

    You not Vanity Pressnik. You great worthy, and require much celebratedness! Now you languish in terrible West. Ven you give up silly idea of unworthiness, I say once a gin; Nasdrovia tovarich!

    E-book OK, but much marketing required. Audiobook, and your beautiful voice seduce all! Both is good.

    Sell movie rights later..

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