Tuesday, Tuesday

It’s a glorious day outside and I’ve got 104 A4 pages to start flicking through and editing. Having written this story, I now have to go back through and edit the pages to make them understandable to everyone – not just me! I’m also wondering about whether or not to remove any bits which may be worrisome to others. But, it’s my story from my point of view, so it’s hard to know what should and shouldn’t go into it sometimes.

We all say and do things we don’t mean from time to time, and it’s often the case that we all live in seperate little worlds – sharing our life with people and yet still being very much alone. It is impossible to share perspectives identically, and while I know I can be a nightmare to live with, so can other people too, though they may interpret my actions and drives entirely differently to me as well. I suppose I’ve not written it to make friends though, more to tell my story, my way – which is the only honest way to do it.


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