Marketing and writing another book at the same time…

I must be mad!!


Deluded…. or something, but it’s also become apparent to me that I need to get cracking with finishing book number two, plus I need to market my first book, whilst also having a life… not a lot then!! Wish me luck world, I’ll need it!!

The book is out there!!!

Many thanks to G.Fletcher, K.Pickett, K.Jones and G.Wake for encouragement, patience and helping me to believe in myself.


The book is out there…. yay!!!!!


Book cover – I really love it!

It’s nearly there!!

Apart from the dreaded formatting the book is done – a cover has been created and it’s going to be fantastic!!
I hope the formatting doesn’t result in me having a nervous breakdown, but if it goes well, it’ll be ready for people to buy on their electronic readers very very soon!!

How exciting!

First go at cover, pen and ink copyright Natasha Black

First go at cover, pen and ink copyright Natasha Black

Colours will we altered when digitised and smoothed out, but hope it looks OK to people who aren’t me!


I’m currently in the process of deciding how my ‘worthy tome’ shall be presented to the world. Do I self-publish an ebook? Do I try to get a publishing house to take me on – unpublished authors tend to need pateince and a hard-shell, neither of which I possess. I have been advised that it would make a great audio book, but again, this requires a lot of studio time, plus I’d need to get distributors for it… I certainly don’t intend for the book to be Vanity Press material, so I have a lot of thinking to do – as well as editing!!

Tuesday, Tuesday

It’s a glorious day outside and I’ve got 104 A4 pages to start flicking through and editing. Having written this story, I now have to go back through and edit the pages to make them understandable to everyone – not just me! I’m also wondering about whether or not to remove any bits which may be worrisome to others. But, it’s my story from my point of view, so it’s hard to know what should and shouldn’t go into it sometimes.

We all say and do things we don’t mean from time to time, and it’s often the case that we all live in seperate little worlds – sharing our life with people and yet still being very much alone. It is impossible to share perspectives identically, and while I know I can be a nightmare to live with, so can other people too, though they may interpret my actions and drives entirely differently to me as well. I suppose I’ve not written it to make friends though, more to tell my story, my way – which is the only honest way to do it.

Hello world!

Welcome to the official blog for Natasha Black. My first ebook will be published really soon and I’m really excited about sharing it with you. It’s been a real journey for me to write (and at times it was a painful journey), but it’s finished now and I’m about to proof and edit it. Once that’s done I’ll let you know where it’s on sale and hopefully, you’ll like it so much you’ll return here with your comments and reviews which I will read with great interest.

Natasha x